• "Natura summa nokis scientice dedit,
  • Scientiam non dedit."
  • Lucius Annaeus Seneca


The journal is published by "Vasile Goldis" Western University of Arad, at its own Publishing House "Vasile Goldis" University Press and is evaluated by the National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education of Romania.
The journal's publication and the editorial staff are assured the Faculty of Economics, Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Engineering and Computer Science.
The editorial board is composed of scientific personalities from Romania, Germany and Hungary, and members or correspondents of certain Academies of Sciences.
Starting with 2010, the journal is biannual and publishes articles from the following domains: forestry and agrotourism.
The journal was conceived as a means to develop scientific and technical relationships between people who offer and request solutions for engineering sciences, creating thus premises to enhance the transfer of technology and know-how.

About the Journal


Editor-in-Chief: Prof.PhD. Petru Aurel DARAU

Executive Editor: Lect.PhD.eng. Mihai Larian BRAD

Editorial Advisory Board: PhD. AUREL ARDELEAN (Member of Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences), PhD.eng. BASTIAN KAISER DHC (Rottenburg, GERMANY), PhD.eng. CORNELIU MAIOR (Arad, ROMANIA), PhD. BORZAN ANITA (Bekecsaba, HUNGARY), PhD. BORGULA ILONA (Bekecsaba, HUNGARY), PhD. PETER KOLES (Godollo, HUNGARY), PhD. PETER SIMANDI (Godollo, HUNGARY), PhD. JANOS PUSKAS (Godollo, HUNGARY), PhD. VIOLETA TURCUS (Arad, ROMANIA), PhD.eng. NICUSOR BOJA (Arad, ROMANIA), PhD.eng. EMIL TOADER (Arad, ROMANIA) Full Info

Print ISSN: 1842-0508 This ISSN pertains to the journal Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldis, Seria Stiinte Ingineresti si Agroturism in print format. The journal is ranked BDI. More details regarding the instructions for authors and the review process can be found here: Instructions

Online e-ISSN: 2067-6034 Online, on studia.facultateadeinginerie.ro website will be published articles that are also published under the print ISSN, with open access to full text. Articles may appear on the website before they appear on paper, as Online First.